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How 3d movies are made ?

3D cinema is upon us. I have seen a number of 3D movies in the last few years… From “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs” to “Final Destination 3D” now I have always been amazed by 3D cinema…from the late eighties movie “THE BLOB” Wearing the blue and red glasses…and then thinking ITS NOT WORKING!! ARGH!!!! But with these new polarised glasses in cinemas…A technology governed by REAL D, A DISNEY owned company. 3D is dominated by Disney…this is a good thing as Disney is an advocator of wholesome content….sometimes

Funny you ask that….It is filmed with two lenses as pictured on this concept picture below:

It is designed to mimic the eye…. for example: HOLD YOUR HAND OUT IN FRONT OF YOU….. Close one eye and focus on it….then close the other eye—>Opening the closed eye…. notice the hand changes spots…the background changes…when your brain puts this together… is a REAL LIFE 3D EXPERIENCE…. just like 3D films it captures the same images from different view points (slightly) to mimic the eye…with editing it is put together and then viewed on a projected with a special lense…then your POLARISED GLASSES convert the image into ONE…. if you take of the glasses in the film you will often see two images on screen….the glasses convert it into one….

TRICK FOR 3D CINEMA….when you are watching a film…. a few points in the film…look below glasses and focus on your leg, arm or popcorn box for a few seconds then go back to the screen as normal…this helps keep it all good…. this is just a trick of mine. As Nasa says on their website about 3D glasses, “This method is more comonly used in today’s 3D movie projections. The audience must wear special glasses which have two polarizing lenses which have their polarization directions adjusted to be 90 degrees different. This makes is possible that left eye sees it’s picture without problems but everything ment to right eye (sent out at different polarization) seems to be black. Same applies also to right eye.”


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