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Fast Rendering of Visualizations with Lumion (TM)

Stunning visualizations in seconds! Lumion uses real-time 3D technology for rendering.This amazing technology of Lumion renders images in a fraction of a second. The aim of of the software is to create a lightning fast workflow between packages like Autocad or Sketchup and stunning visualizations.


Lumion uses real-time 3D technology for rendering.

This amazing technology of Lumion renders images in a fraction of a second.

Stunning visualizations in secondsLumion uses real-time 3D technology for rendering. This amazing technology of Lumion renders images in afraction of a second.

Lumion offers what architects could only dream about for years!
If you are an Architect or 3D artist you will be pleased to discover what you can achieve with Lumion.Visualization software should not feel like an extra job, it should just be there for you when you need it and it needs to deliver results without effort.We provided Lumion with a user interface that is designed around you.
Complex tasks look easy with Lumion. The most important goal of Lumion is to let you do jobs yourself which usually require expensive specialists. That is amazing by itself but on top of that Lumion renders in real-time, meaning you can view the end result instantly.
Lumion supports models created in Sketch-up, 3DS Max, Maya and most other 3D design software. You can run Lumion next to your existing software. Just fire it up and have an image or movie of your work in 5 minutes.

A different kind of software
Lumion redefines how you use software. Regardless of the difficulty of the task at hand Lumion makes it feel easy. Extensive user testing combined with GPU technology was used to create a new level of usability.
The graphics engine is designed for instant visualization. Just import your models and Lumion makes them look good. No effort. No waiting. Lumion’s “theater mode“ allows you to us it as a 3D viewer for easy flytroughs of complex 3D models in real-time.
Lumion includes a stunning arsenal of high quality content. A huge library of plants, trees, people, cars, animals, landscapes, buildings, materials and more provides you with everything you need to make movies and images stand out.

Materials and lights
Lumion comes with a extensive material library to quickly provide your models with realistic appearances. Need changes in your model? Update your model with a single click in Lumion and all materials are automatically applied to the updated model.

Lumion materials combine perfectly with the sophisticated lighting system. This system simulates daylight, fog and sky color. Creating good looking images was never this easy.

Recommended System
Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
2GB system memory
1GB Graphics memory
NVIDIA GeForce 260 or equal performing 3D card
Supported file formats
Textures: BMP, DDS, PSD, PNG, TGA
Models: MAX(Requires 3DS Max installation), DAE, FAB,
Most tools such as Sketch-up and Maya allow exporting to one of these formats
Supported output format

Included content
Lumion includes a very large library of materials, people, animals, trees, plants, buildings, street furniture, landscapes, cars, boats, roads and more.

Tutorials and Demo Version can be found on Lumion Website

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#1FatsNovember 14, 2011, 11:20 pm

There’s nothing like the releif of finding what you’re looking for.

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