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Iray and ActiveShade in 3Ds Max 2012

In this tutorial of 3D studio max, you will learn about I-ray and Active Shade in 3Ds Max 2012. In this tutorial we shall take a review of different feature of I-ray renderer with Active shade. These two features are used for rendering purpose. The rendering is the final stage in any modeling and rendering is already integrated in 3D studio max and Maya. But it is said that traditional way of rendering is less accurate than others. Therefore these latest features are added to the render set up and these are more accurate too. You can adjust the setting from render setup; it offers you different kind of parameters to allow you render the scene. Next the scene started rendering and you can change the quality of image here also by modifying the parameters. The general rendering requires well combination of lighting and shading. The scene will be rendered only in such condition if it contains these two features. Total setting about rendering purpose can be controlled through render set up. Here is three section of application, in part one you can choose any feature for rendering. Secondly different features can also change the rendering setting by putting appropriate values in the relevant blocks. Moreover, video is there for learner’s help.


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