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3d Tiger creation – work of art, mentos Gum Commercial

The Mill has done the VFX and Post-Production work for the comical new spot for Mentos UP2U Gum from The Martin Agency and Directed by Steve Miller. Really a Work of Art…

A young man enjoys having a choice in gum, and finally he makes a choice but then things go wrong and a Tiger appears.

According to Lead Flame Artist Markus Lundqvist, the challenge was in making the tiger talk: “In addition to joining the tiger with the live-action plates, we spent a lot of time on the mouth animation. Since there is no real-life reference for a talking tiger, we did a lot of testing and tried several different versions until we captured just the right look.”

Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
Mill Office: New York
VFX Producer: John Skeffington
Shoot Supervisor: Michael Gibson
2D Lead Artists: Markus Lundqvist
3D Lead Artists: Joshua Merck
2D Artists: Paul Downes
3D Artists: Kevin Ives, Tom Cushwa
Colourist: Fergus McCall



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