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Tutorial to Create a Clock in 3ds Max

Clock tutorial in 3ds Max
In this tutorial you will learn few tips to create a clock in 3ds max and render it with Fryrender. Then you will learn howto apply fry materials and how to make the light setup. Finally, you are going to see how to work with the tone mapping and layer blending controls.




Start with a cylinder and change the number of slices, convert to Editable Poly and create the three outer parts.

During this process we will use symmetry and meshsmooth modifiers to see the mesh result.

Before we start with the interior, we will link the three green objectswith a helper to control their position, for the interior part we willdo the same.

The numbers are a text spline with an extrude modifier, and then anarray over the clock’s surface. The inner gears have been made withsplines and a bevel modifier.

To make the chain, we will prepare its parts individually. Use splineIK Solver to link the hoops of the chain, and obtain a custom chain thepath.



These are all the material used in the scene.


The light setup is very simple. With the same material emitter, twoplanes and other emitter objects inside the clock we will be able toobtain very diferents results in layer blending afterwards. We willapply a fryrender object modifier to each light source, in order tocontrol them via Layer Blending.To illuminate the scene, we will use an environment map too.


During or after the render process we may adjust the emitters detached into layers with the fryrender object modifier, using Layer Blending.We can change the intensity of every emitter and/or change its RGB hue according to our criterion. Finally add and adjust vignetting and glare effects


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