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Import/Export between ZBrush and 3Ds Max Import/Export between ZBrush and 3Ds Max(1)

Import/Export between ZBrush and 3Ds Max

By Alexander Edvard Fusdahl

Architectural Visualization – Traditional Bahrain House Architectural Visualization – Traditional Bahrain House(0)

Final Render of the Bahraini Traditional House with the Windtower, this would be the view from the entrance of this paticular model. I wanted to show a sunny afternoon scene here, with the shadows and sunlight bouncing from the ground to the inner areas of the building. It was done in 3dsmax 9 rendered in mental ray with final gather on. Photoshop was used for final retouching. High resolution wallpaper are availible on request.

Beginner Modelling Tutorial 3dsmax Beginner Modelling Tutorial 3dsmax(0)

Basic Modelling Techniques for new learners explaining how to create a model using the basic tools to get professional models

For  best detail view in full screen.

Creating Nightfall Lighting in 3dsmax, Vray Creating Nightfall Lighting in 3dsmax, Vray(0)

This project is based on the work of Spanish architect D. Joaquín Torres A Study of Architecture-zero, created in 3ds max.  V-ray used as the render engine


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