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Motiva COLIMO 1.2! Fast Overview Motiva COLIMO 1.2! Fast Overview(0)
Fast Rendering of Visualizations with Lumion (TM) Fast Rendering of Visualizations with Lumion (TM)(1)

Stunning visualizations in seconds! Lumion uses real-time 3D technology for rendering.This amazing technology of Lumion renders images in a fraction of a second. The aim of of the software is to create a lightning fast workflow between packages like Autocad or Sketchup and stunning visualizations.

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Beginner Modelling Tutorial 3dsmax Beginner Modelling Tutorial 3dsmax(0)

Basic Modelling Techniques for new learners explaining how to create a model using the basic tools to get professional models

For  best detail view in full screen.

Facial Animation 3d Softwares Facial Animation 3d Softwares(2)

This amazing combination of technology and graphical artistry makes for some of the most realistic and precise 3D animated facial expressions I’ve ever seen come out of a computer.

Pendulum Studios’, AlterEgo division combines facial expression software, precision motion capture, and good old-fashioned artistry to reproduce the most minute facial movements you’ve ever seen on a digital actor. Every wrinkle, crinkle and twitch is reproduced with startling accuracy.

The guys over at AlterEgo have developed proprietary “facial performance software”, which combined with special mo-cap hardware, can produce unbelievably real digital faces in record time. Their work has been featured in motion pictures, commercials, animation and video games including Dark Sector and the forthcoming Silent Hill 5.


Modelling Zen Pebble Stones, 3dsmax Modelling Zen Pebble Stones, 3dsmax(0)

This tutorial shows us how to create a serene japanese style 3d image in 3ds Max. You will be modeling a shiny dark pebble stones and create a balanced pile out of them. This is a simple tutorial specially the modeling, starting from one sphere then creating copies of it,

Here emphasis is on the lighting and materials. I am using 3ds Max 2011 but several older versions should work as well. Lets Continue to the tutorial…

Rendering Diamonds – 3dsmax, Mental Ray Rendering Diamonds – 3dsmax, Mental Ray(0)

Working with Mental Ray in 3DS MAX and rendering objects (in this case, diamonds) with Mental Ray can give you outstanding quality and unsurpassed realism.

In the following tutorial we will learn about using Mental Ray to achieve outstanding quality and unsurpassed realism after rendering objects.

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