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Make a Worm on Illustrator Make a Worm on Illustrator(0)

Use Illustrator to create a  funny Worm!

The Sketch 
You can’t make a proportional and equilibrated illustration without  movement lines, geometric shapes and croquis and an appropriate sketch of it. So first make rough line of the movement/pose what ever character you want.

The Worm
After placing it on illustrator. the first thing is to create its shadows by using the ellipse tool (L).

Draw the eyes using the pencil tool (N) or if you prefer do it using the pen tool (P).

And the same fo the strip.

Using the pencil tool (N) let’s draw the two lines of teeth, leave a space on the borders of each one, as it was gnashing then in panic.

Add a stroke on the strip fill then expand it’s apperance as already showed above.

Add some circles using the ellipse tool (L) to indicate the holes used to adjust the helmet.

Add a stroke around each eye and expand their appearance too.

Repeat the same technique of shading used on the teeth on teach eye, it’s pretty simple, should no take much time of you.

The Dynamite
Using the pen tool (P) draw this dynamite body.

Using the ellipse tool (L) make the shadow of it.

Trace the top of it to make a top, then added a darker red.

Using the brush tool (B) you can draw the fuse.

Also added some lights on the right side using the pencil too; (N).

Made the same on the left side to make the shadow, that’s it, it’s finished.

Hope you guys digged this tutorial and learned some quick tips on making simple illustration.

Tutorial Author: Marcos Torres

Create Vector Denim Texture Using Adobe Illustrator Create Vector Denim Texture Using Adobe Illustrator(0)

How to Create Vector Denim Texture Using Adobe Illustrator

How to Create Denim Texture

Step 2

Step 3

Open the Transparency panel (Window > Transparency) and set the Soft Light Blending Mode for our group.

How to Create Seam on Jeans

Step 6

Make the remaining central nodes dark gray.

Step 7

Step 9

White becomes transparent with this Blending Mode.

Delete the template as we don’t need it any more.

Now create a row of transverse grid lines along the entire length of the seam.

Further technique of creating this seam is not different from the one described above.

How to create thread stitching

Keeping the line selected, go to Object > Expand.

Step 14

Step 15
Go to Object > Blend > Blend Options and set the number of steps in the dialog box. Now select the black and white shapes, and go to Object > Blend > Make.

Set the Multiply Blending Mode for the entire blend object.

Turn on the visibility of the upper shape in the layers panel.

Group up all the elements of the stitch. One thread stitch is ready.

Take the Pen Tool (P) and create a straight line where the thread stitch will be.

Apply the created brush to this line. Now we can adjust its parameters…

Step 17

Using this technique, create the second line on the pocket.

Creating Colorful Swooshes in photoshop Creating Colorful Swooshes in photoshop(0)

Easy to understand, tutorial using photoshop brushes to come up with an abstract wallpaper effect with colorful swooshes that look like they are electric.

Please view in full screen for perfect details, brought to you by Bernskiold Media.

Vector Illustration Vector Illustration(0)

Beautiful Vector illustration done in illustrator, Vector images can be resized and blown up to any size without losing any part of the quality.

This file can be download from rapidshare…

Pen Tool tutorial – Photoshop, Illustrator Pen Tool tutorial – Photoshop, Illustrator(0)

One of the Most powerful tools in Photoshop and illustrator – The Pen tool, yet many designers try to avoid it, since they think its complicated and as not easy as using the brush or eraser. This freindly tutorial will take away the fear of using the pen tool by its simple guidelines of “How to use a Pen” in Photoshop and illustrator.

Create Abstract Designs – Illustrator Create Abstract Designs – Illustrator(0)

This tutorial  will show you how to create a beautiful abstract background in Illustrator. By using just a simple shape creating this abstract background is pretty easy and quick. By taking advantage of some of the nifty Illustrator Effects.

Transparency and blending mode you get a beautiful vector graphic in no time.

Continue to the tutorial…


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