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Pen Tool tutorial – Photoshop, Illustrator Pen Tool tutorial – Photoshop, Illustrator(0)

One of the Most powerful tools in Photoshop and illustrator – The Pen tool, yet many designers try to avoid it, since they think its complicated and as not easy as using the brush or eraser. This freindly tutorial will take away the fear of using the pen tool by its simple guidelines of “How to use a Pen” in Photoshop and illustrator.

Creating a Audi logo Tutorial Creating a Audi logo Tutorial(0)

In the following tutorial you can learn to create the Audi logo. It is mainly about circles, strokes and the Pathfinder pallete. It’s a pretty simple and fast tutorial but you might find some interesting stuff about working with these classic tools.

Difficulty: Intermediate, Estimated Completion Time: 45 minutes, Number of Steps: 8

Start the Tutorial here

New Photoshop Icons (2010) New Photoshop Icons (2010)(0)

This Collection of Photoshop icons will surely give you a new feel and refresh you from the classical look, Make your desktop beautiful and smart and it might be a start of your creativity…

Incase you dont know yet how to change icons , this easy tutorial would help

PNG Format : For Mac and Linux Users (Right Click and Save Image)


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