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Motiva COLIMO 1.2! Fast Overview Motiva COLIMO 1.2! Fast Overview(0)
Rendering Diamonds – 3dsmax, Mental Ray Rendering Diamonds – 3dsmax, Mental Ray(0)

Working with Mental Ray in 3DS MAX and rendering objects (in this case, diamonds) with Mental Ray can give you outstanding quality and unsurpassed realism.

In the following tutorial we will learn about using Mental Ray to achieve outstanding quality and unsurpassed realism after rendering objects.

Go to  the Tutorial here

Restaurant Interior Design 3dsmax Restaurant Interior Design 3dsmax(0)

Details of 3d Materials, Architectural Materials were used. For lights i used Mental ray with a spotlight as sun and a omni in the center of the scene, since the sunlight was not enough to illuminate the center of the restaurant. The render of this single frame took 45 minutes on a P4-2 gigs of ram. Here i used Mental ray with final gather, global illumination “ON” final gather with the value of 500 and for bounce lights the value of 1. Click here to see a different render of this scene, for any questions about the settings of this lighting solution please contact me.


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