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25 Photoshop Techniques Every Designer Must Know 25 Photoshop Techniques Every Designer Must Know(0)

One of the best things about Photoshop is that you never stop learning. There are countless tips and tricks to help boost your productivity and work flow some are obvious and easy to find while some you have to dig a little to seek them out. In this post I’m going to reveal 25 of the best advanced techniques to help you design faster and better within Adobe Photoshop.

New Features in 3ds max 2011 New Features in 3ds max 2011(0)

In these videos we can find some of the new life saving features offered by the 2011 release of Autodesk 3ds max.



Office Furniture Free 3d Model Download Office Furniture Free 3d Model Download(0)

Office furniture Free 3d Model Download, done in 3ds Max 9  format.This image was rendered in mental ray and a MR spot light was used as sunlight resulting teh effect as seen.

Old House Architecture Photograph, Bahrain Old House Architecture Photograph, Bahrain(0)

Old Traditional house now demolished, This unique picture was taken by Mr.Khan, a famous Bahraini photographer who captured the Tradition and Culture of Bahrain which is now history. inspired by this photo a 3d model was made which is worth sharing.

Architectural Visualization Riffa Palace Concept Architectural Visualization Riffa Palace Concept(0)

Inspired by the Architectural Design elements of the Riffa Clock Tower, Bahrain. i wanted to do something which had a more royal look, as i started to play with the design elements and keeping a big palace/castle in mind this is where i reached. 3dsmax 9 was used for modeling, rendered in mental ray, with global illumination and final gather on. Design process took 40 hours approx with test renders.

Final Architectural Visualization Riffa Clock Final Architectural Visualization Riffa Clock(1)

Riffa Clock Tower final render. Modelled, textured and rendered in 3dsmax 9. Later the background sky was added in Photoshop CS2.
 The beauty of 3d is this building can be rendered/rotated and seen from any angle possible. Test renders of the 3d scene while i was working on it.
  I aslo did a Artitectural Visulaztion of a Palace design in which i used some elements from the Riffa Clock Tower, Bahrain. High resolution 300 dpi versions of this image are availbe upon request.


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